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The "NIRA Fonds" ensures the full range of appraisal services for real estate investors, builders, lessors, sellers and buyers.  Strict confidentiality is always observed.  Appraisals are usually conducted during the pre-sale phase of the transaction so that a mortgage loan can be received from a commercial bank or a leasing transaction can be conducted.  The appraisals of the "NIRA Fonds" are recognised by the Latvian Company Register and by leading lending institutions in Latvia and St Petersburg.

The "NIRA Fonds" has certified appraisers who bring in licensed building engineers and other specialists as needed.  Appraisals are conducted in accordance with international standards on real estate appraisal.  Several types of appraisals are available:

  • An express appraisal, which is an informal report on the fundamental aspects of the property’s value;
  • A full appraisal, with full information about the object, prepared in accordance with the law;

The "NIRA Fond’s" specialists offer the following types of appraisals:

  • Appraising the market value of all types of real estate;
  • Appraising the future value of all types of real estate;
  • Evaluating the best and most effective use of real estate;
  • Assessing the economic aspects and future income of a project;
  • Analysing leasing fees;
  • Conducting environmental impact analysis for new or rebuilt objects.

Property appraisals are conducted within three to five days’ time after all necessary documentation is received.  The duration of the appraisal will depend on the complexity of the process.