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The Property Management and Administration Division of the "NIRA Fonds" provides the full range of services in the management and administration of real estate, starting with the drafting of a conceptual document on the effective use of a building property, continuing with consultations, and finishing with everyday management work so that the real estate can be used effectively in pursuit of the client’s commercial aims.

The "NIRA Fonds" manages and administers office facilities and apartment buildings, including newly built ones.  We guarantee timely and high-quality services, a complex approach to problems and solutions, and the full transparency of all relevant processes.
Buildings which we manage are found at Anniņmuižas Boulevard 38, Brīvības Street 38, Brīvības Street 73, Marijas Street 1, Marijas Street 1a (all in Riga), and others.
Here are the services which the "NIRA Fonds" can offer:

Services to the owners of flats and buildings:

  • Design of the management services that will be needed to upkeep the property;
  • Identification of providers of utility and other necessary services, including the planning and executive of routine and capital building renovations;
  • Monitoring of the quality of work that is done;
  • Bookkeeping services to ensure timely controls over lease and service payments, analysis of building management expenditures, and design of optimised services in this regard;
  • Legal services related to the management and administration of the real estate;
  • Organisation of security systems and services;
  • Leasing of vacant facilities in pursuit of the client’s commercial goals and everyday work with the lessees;
  • Reports on all work that is done;
  • Information on real estate development trends in the area of commercial properties;
    Marketing in pursuit of the property’s image so as to ensure maximum occupancy of the property;
  • Consultations for new project developers to ensure optimal use of properties.

Everyday services:

  • Cleaning services:
    - cleaning of common use facilities;
    - cleaning of office facilities;
  • Maintenance of territories:
    - everyday cleaning of territories;
    - washing of pavements and squares;
    - maintenance of lawns;
    - creating of green areas;
    - snow removal;
    - improvements to the territory.
  • Building management:
    - maintenance of water, sewage and heating systems;
    - maintenance of ventilation systems;
    - maintenance of power supplies and low-voltage networks;
    - maintenance of systems such as lifts and the like;
    - waste removal, pest control;
    - emergency services.
  • Real estate administration:
    - administration of bills;
    - financial planning
    - design and implementation of developmental and renovation projects;
    - legal and financial consultations.